Add Your Twitter Profile to Wordpress

This post is a quick tutorial on how to add your Twitter profile to your Wordpress website.

Add Your Twitter Profile to WordPress

This post is a quick tutorial on how to add your Twitter profile to your WordPress website.

Showing your tweets on your website can be a good way of showing latest news on your website and generally for advertising your Twitter account and getting more followers!

Sign in to Twitterno_1

Firstly go to and enter your username and password to login.

Then click the ‘wheel’ icon, second from the right on the top menu and click ‘Settings’.

no_2Profile Widgets

On the profile settings page click ‘Widget’s on the left side menu (right at the bottom).

On the widgets screen, click ‘Create New’.

Create Your Widgetno_3

You can choose between showing a User Timeline, your Favourites, a List, or a Search Query (e.g. tweets with #WorldCup in them).

If you just want to display your tweets then select User Timeline, and you can then start to configure your widget – set the height, theme, whether you want to include personal tweets (replies) and then click ‘Create Widget’.

Paste the Code into WordPressno_4

Twitter will then generate some code for you to paste into WordPress – typically you would paste it into a text widget on a sidebar or footer.

Save the text widget and your Twitter widget will be displayed on your website.

no_5Or Use a Plugin

An alternative to generating your own Twitter widget is to use a WordPress plugin to do it for you. This can work well, but any plugin you install on your site will take up disc space and so if you can do something without using a plugin then it is best to do that.

However, if you want to use a plugin then we would recommend using Mini Twitter Feed or Easy Twitter Feed.



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