Our Workshops

Our ESSENTIALS series of four hour training workshops are held throughout Britain all year round covering essential business information such as legal status, self-employment, staffing, insurance, marketing and bookkeeping.

The workshops are fully interactive, utilising the very latest wireless keypads to enable delegates to participate fully in a team quiz and discussions based on the content of the course, making it instructive and fun at the same time!

They are approved for licence credits by a number of national governing bodies, including the Lawn Tennis Association, British Cycling, PGA and British Gymnastics (contact us for further details).

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This interactive course provides essential business and financial information for sports coaches and their clients (clubs, agencies, etc.) to ensure both parties satisfy government regulations and requirements, covering the following topics:



We detail the definitions and requirements for the various ways coaches/workers can be paid in sport – self-employment, employment, casual work, volunteering with expenses – and outline the paperwork required for each of these types of service.



We outline the strict HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) self-employment guidelines that, if not satisfied, can result in a hefty tax bill for both coach and client. We detail how to check whether you are meeting the guidelines and what documentation is required to satisfy HMRC.



We review the various types of employment available to those in sport, including a detailed look at flexible contracts such as zero hours and casual worker contracts. We outline the paperwork required by HMRC for the various types of service.



We detail the Health and Safety and insurance requirements for coaches and clients and how to minimise the risk of a policy not paying out.


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What are the essential elements you must put in place to market your programme/club successfully and develop a unique ‘brand’?


This four hour interactive course introduces the concept of successful marketing for sports coaches and clubs – defining and building a brand, developing and implementing an effective and practical marketing plan, how to monitor and evaluate the results, and great examples of good practice.    It covers the following topics:



What is a brand and how to build one that will professionalise your services and increase your income



How to put together a business/marketing plan that is simple to use and update, including examples of the key essentials all good sports marketing plans should contain



Why first impressions count – appearance, punctuality, facilities, your team – and we review best practice for customer care



How to use Facebook and Twitter to bring your services into the 21st century and increase your profile and income and customer/member base



We details a wealth of fantastic software tools and web sites (many of which are free) that take the pain out of marketing


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This four hour interactive course provides a thorough introduction into the bookkeeping requirements when running a small business or club, designed to ensure you meet HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) requirements and to provide you with the essential financial information you need to run your business/club, covering the following topics:



What you need to record for income and expenditure to ensure HMRC will be satisfied with the standard of your bookkeeping should they decide to investigate you (HMRC have the power to fine up to £3,000 per financial year for inadequate or inaccurate bookkeeping)



The types of allowable expenses that can (and can’t) be claimed for when running a sports business/organisation, including travel, use of home, clothing, equipment, etc



What you have to include in an invoice, how to minimise the possibility of bad debts and the options available for chasing bad debts



The rules and regulations for a sports coaching business, linked to turnover, legal status of the coach and type of sports coaching being delivered. We also review the VAT issues for non profit-making organisations such as clubs and associations, particularly focusing on what is and isn’t exempt from VAT.


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You can call the office on 01952 201657 or email training@gbsport.org.uk to book your place on a workshop.