Where to Get Royalty Free Images

4 great sources for royalty-free images that you can legally use.

Where to Get Royalty Free Images

Images are a vital part of any publication, whether it be in print or online, as they can add to the content and also break up long bulks of text.

However, it can be difficult knowing whether you are allowed to use a particular image or not, as many will be protected by copyright and if you use one that is, you could be sent a bill by the owner of the image for royalty payments.

In this post we will show you 4 great sources for images that you can legally use – click on the name of the resource to go to the website.

Pixabay no_1

Pixabay is a great resource for images you can freely use in digital and printed form, and you can also use them for commercial purposes, e.g. on advertising material.

A repositsory for stunning public domain pictures


Pixabay has images for every subject, and is a fantastic resource for images that can 100% freely use!


At the top of every Pixabay search is a row of sponsored images from Shutterstock – these are images that are royalty-free but you have to pay to get access to them.

Shutterstock has a massive library of stock images, and if you were wanting to put together a large library of images, this is the place to do it.

The 25 images a day plan for month costs £149 – most of the images you can freely use, but some are not eligible for commercial use.

The images are extremely high quality and Shutterstock is a superb option for putting together a library of images for your website.

Getty Imagesno_3

Getty have recently opened up their entire image library – you can use any image on your website (not in print) simply by using an embed code.

You will not have ownership of the image, but it means that you use any of their 35 million images. Simply go to an image and click the double arrow icon in the right hand corner (looks like <>) and you will then get an embed code to put into your website.

You cannot use embeddable Getty Images for any commercial purpose such as advertising or promotions – it is absolutely perfect for people running a blog.

Click here for a quick guide on using Getty Images embed feature.

no_4Photo Dune

PhotoDune is an image library with over four million images and you pay for each separately depending on the size of the image you want.

The smallest size images (around 500 x 300 pixels) cost from around a dollar (£0.59) up to extra large images (around £4).



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